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The Public Health Nursing Pages     FrontPage

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Jerry R. Carley, MSN, MA, RN, CNE

Assistant Professor of Nursing



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"As we enjoy great Advantages from the Inventions of others

we should be glad of an Opportunity to serve others by any Invention of ours,

and this we should do freely and generously."

                       — Benjamin Franklin,   


<<<Scroll Down for a Sampling of Public Health Nursing Information>>> 



Why BSN?







The Future is Now: Sentinel City Public Health Nursing Simulation:




The following is an recruitment presentation from the Center for Disease Control & Prevention

for an epidemiology / investigation position:

CDC EIS Recruitment.pptx



Interior Alaska Public Health Nurse Recruitment Video:



South Central Alaska Public Health Nurse Recruitment Video:


Bethel, Alaska Area Public Health Nursing Recruitment Video:


The Most Dangerous Woman in America: 

The Case of Mary Mallon,

A.K.A. "Typhoid Mary"






New  Control of Communicable Diseases Manual

iPhone / iTouch App






Dirty Bomb!  After the Blast: 

A Public Health Emergency Simulation  

Go to:    Dirty Bomb!  After the Blast  page...




Mass Fatalities

 Go to:  The Mass Fatalities page.




FROM:  The Center for Disease Control & Prevention

Public Health Nursing Case Studies (CDC--Epidemiology)



Botulism in Argentina  



E. coli 0157:H7 Infection in Michigan 


Gastroenteritis at a University in Texas 

    To Go to Specific Case Study (at the CDC Website), Click Link Below: 


    Botulism in Argentina

    e Coli in Michigan

    Gastroenteritis at the University of Texas

    Salmonella in the Caribbean





     This is such a great television series on so many levels.  It is very entertaining.  In terms of Public Health Nursing, the themes in the series illustrates virtually every complex issue that a Public Health Nurse serving as an "outsider"  to an indigenous native population.






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